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Let your work take you by surprise

6. The only way to write fiction that will take someone else by surprise is to let your work take you by surprise too. Get lost. Be scared. Have no idea where you’re headed. All those wrong directions are really right directions because they get you where you want to go.

7. You’ll know you’re at the end when you write something utterly unexpected and surprising to you, and then, when you try to write past it, you can’t. You’ll realize that without saying what you thought you were going to say, you’ve said it.

Marisa Silver

Something ineffable and mysterious

3. People will ask you what your work means and you will try to explain it to them, but you won’t really be able to explain it even if it sounds like you are saying something intelligent.

4. You should not be able to explain it. There should always be something ineffable and mysterious about it, even for you. If you’ve got all the answers, your work will not soar.

Marisa Silver